Here’s what others are saying about ReDate Your Mate, 4 Steps to Falling in Love All Over Again  . . .

ReDate Your Mate is a fun, step-by-step, user-friendly guide for transforming your relationship into the marriage of your dreams and for finding personal fulfillment along the way. This is a must read for anyone who has ever wanted more from life and love.” Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

ReDate Your Mate is a tremendously useful book for couples. Using humor, science and pure common sense, Shela Dean’s advice shows you how to retrain your brain to re-ignite love, passion and commitment into your relationship.” Arielle Ford, author Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret

“When a ‘relationship coach’ talks, I listen. But when that relationship coach also happens to be an attorney who specializes in preventing divorce, my antenna go up and my digital recorder starts-up automatically. Read this book and learn how to redate your mate. You’ll be glad you did. Greg Godek, Author of the 3+ million bestseller 1001 Ways to be Romantic and the underground bestseller Simple Simon on Love

ReDate Your Mate is the way to get your marriage ‘unstuck’ and off to a fresh start. Shela Dean shows couples how to start over—not with someone new but with each other—and, armed with what they know now, build a marriage that will just get better and better as the years go by.” Libby Gill, author You Unstuck, Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life

“When I read a book, I always mark the good parts with a yellow highlighter. My copy of ReDate Your Mate has been transformed into mostly yellow on the inside . . . it’s that good! Read this book and learn how to be your own hero in your relationship. Shela Dean has written another winner!” Larry James, author of How to Really Love the One You’re With

“Don’t trade that boring, annoying spouse in for a more exciting model. Use ReDate Your Mate to create the exciting, sexy, romantic relationship you crave with the spouse you already have. Yes, it’s really possible. Shela Dean will show you how.” Alisa Bowman, author of Project Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairy Tale Falters

Here’s what others are saying about Frequent Foreplay Miles . . .

“Informative and fun, insightful and practical, applicable to all couples–what else could you ask for in a relationship book?! Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to Total Intimacy is a must read for anyone who wants a more joyously intimate relationship.” Mary Jo Rapini, L.C.P., co-author of Start Talking and Is God Pink & Host of Mind, Body & Soul with Mary Jo (Fox Morning News, Houston)

“Shela’s Frequent Foreplay Miles is a playful way of making sure your relationship is on the right runway. Whether flying solo or with a partner, let this book be your guide to a healthy relationship filled with satisfying intimacy and amazing emotional highs you’ll be happy to brag about to your close friends.” – Larry James, Author of How to Really Love the One You’re With

“I wanted to say thank you! You absolutely saved my marriage which, after 25 years, was on the brink of divorce. About 2 months after I read your book and followed your advice, my husband noticed the change in me. We were no longer fighting and I had stopped sniping at him. I shared your book with him. He read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. That’s when the real process of fixing our marriage began. We are talking more than we have in 10 years, are in love again, and the fireworks have been re-ignited! Thank you, Shela, for making the emotional love in our life stronger and for making the physical love happen again.” Marla M.

“Shela, I love your book and it has been a lot of fun to implement with my husband. Thanks for introducing some ‘fun’ into having a more fulfilling relationship.” Jennifer P.

“Working with Shela has been a breath of fresh air. As someone that has worked with dating and relationships experts for over a decade, what I see in Shela is a true fire and passion for her work. Her career path from lawyer to relationship coach to author shows a maturity in her advice that you don’t find in many people. It has been a pleasure to welcome her to the [www.YourTango.com] ProConnect community and to help build her following. Take a moment to read Shela’s latest book, Frequent Foreplay Miles, you’ll be so happy that you did.” Melanie Gorman, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Tango Media

“Shela spoke to the Executive Girlfriends’ Group about her book Frequent Foreplay Miles. It was the most practical and everyday useful advice about relationships that I have ever heard. Many of the women (including me!) gave a copy of the book to their husbands and are looking forward to the results of having a common and fun metric for measuring the health of our marriages.” Chicke Fitzgerald, Founder, Executive Girlfriends’ Group.

“Poets, scientists and scholars may have written a billion words about love, but Frequent Foreplay Miles brings a fresh perspective to the topic of intimate relationship bliss.” Libby Gill, Author of Traveling Hopefully and You Unstuck

“The light bulb really went off when my wife Betty and I attended one of Shela’s Frequent Foreplay Miles workshops. I finally get why we sometimes misunderstand each other. Now we have the tools to clear up those misunderstandings, and we’re doing a better job of ‘placing ourselves in the other’s shoes.’ Frequent Foreplay Miles is a great concept. And it’s fun!” Chip G.

“I LOVE this concept! What a fantastic, easy-to-understand, and FUN way to deal with some of the more serious issues all couples face.” Jennifer W.

“Shela’s ideas are a great way to re-ignite a relationship and get couples communicating. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you’ll get right away what she’s talking about. You’ll also appreciate the opportunity to think again about what really matters to you and to learn what matters most to the person you love. I know I did, and I’ve been married over 30 years.” Plum C.

“When I first heard the title, I imagined the content would be light and fluffy. But Shela’s workshop proved to be anything but that. The information was definitely fun, but also intelligent, meaningful and applicable to any relationship.” Susan D.

“Frequent Foreplay Miles helped us ‘see’ each other in a way we never have before, and it helped us know what we can do to improve our marriage while having fun doing it!” Genevieve R.

“As a clinical psychologist for over 20 years, I often see individuals and couples who approach discussions about their relationship with a sense of dread, worried that they will make matters worse by trying to let the partner know how they feel. As a result, they let small stresses and resentments build up until these pose a real threat to the relationship. Frequent Foreplay Miles provides a structure for couples to communicate with each other and understand one another’s needs and preferences and, just as important, a sense of levity and lightness that allows them to enjoy the conversations and not take themselves quite so seriously. Frequent Foreplay Miles: Your Ticket to Total Intimacy! is a book that all marriage counselors and relationship coaches will be delighted to have on their bookshelves and recommend to their clients. Kudos to you for developing this concept into a lively, high-energy book with stories and examples that make it accessible to anyone.” Ann V. Deaton, Ph.D., PCC, DaVinci Resources

“Frequent Foreplay Miles is much more than just another self-help book with a bag of tricks for a quick fix. Although it’s an easy and fun read, its serious message reminds me of a quote from a colleague who once said, ‘making love is the 100 ways that we live together.’ The Frequent Foreplay Miles tracking process is an effective tool for couples to learn how to stay grounded in their responses to each other and to get their needs met – together and as individuals. It helps them have less conflict and a more respectful relationship by teaching them to respond in a non-defensive way, communicate what they hope to get out of the relationship, and take responsibility for their own actions. This is definitely a book that I, as a marital therapist, would recommend to couples who are looking for a way to be closer and more in touch with each other so they can be the responsive partners they want to be, communicate with greater clarity, and together create a joyful and solid relationship that can withstand the challenges all couples face.” Wendy Kopald, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Shela Dean offers a playful and pragmatic means by which couples can exchange information and enhance their connection to one another.” Don Ferguson, PhD., Author of Reptiles in Love: Ending Destructive Fights and Evolving Toward More Loving Relationships