Special Note to Women

Okay, ladies, let’s be honest. You were once a wild, sex-crazed woman who couldn’t get enough of that guy. When you first began dating you told all your friends how great he is. Good dresser, great kisser, sweet, thoughtful. You remember.

Now it’s been a while. The flame of attraction may have begun to flicker. You’ve heard him belch after a chili cheese dog. bigstockphoto_Angered_Young_Woman_1541372You’ve watched him “adjust” himself more times than you can count. Maybe he’s developed a bit of a gut. His messy ways drive you nuts. He forgets special dates. He has habits that drive you teeth-clenching crazy. In other words, he’s not quite the perfect guy you once thought him to be. When he gives you that come-hither look, it doesn’t set off the sparks it once did. There are times when you’d rather finish cleaning the kitchen. That disappoints him. Big time.

Or, now you’ve had kids. The focus and demands in your life have changed. It’s no longer fun when he comes up behind you and fondles your breasts. It hurts his feelings when you yell at him for doing what you used to think was pretty darned cute.

Women totally get the Frequent Foreplay Miles system when it’s applied to the man in her life. We’ve been operating under the system for a very long time even if we haven’t had a name for it. But if we’re going to be honest . . . and that’s how we started this page . . . we get and lose Frequent Foreplay Miles, too. The reasons may be different and your guy may not tell you what’s on his mind. But, believe me, he’s got his complaints about you, about things that are getting in the way of having the intimacy you both want.

Guys wants sex. True. They also want you to be happy. They want to be happy. They want intimacy—in and out of the bedroom—as much as you do. With Frequent Foreplay Miles, you’ll learn how to make your guy happier, how to help him make you happier, and how to have the intimacy you both want. I promise.