ReDate Your Mate

There comes a painful moment in the life of every

married person . . .

It’s a moment that you may have already experienced—perhaps quite some time ago. The moment may be triggered by a quarrel, by disappointing or hurtful behavior, or by something as last-straw-simple as watching your sweetheart adjust his “package” or file the calluses on her feet. It’s the moment when you realize your Perfect 10 is really a flawed 6 or 7, you wonder what happened to the giddy, can’t-get-enough-of-you, higher-than-a-kite feeling that you experienced when you were dating, falling in love, and couldn’t keep your hands off each other, and you begin to wonder if you’re the match made in heaven you once thought.

Perhaps you’ve only recently experienced that reality-check moment. Perhaps you’ve endured years of a marriage that is more going-through-the-motions than alive and fulfilling—neither high in conflict nor rich in happiness, just blah. perhaps you’ve come close to the end of your love-hope-and-patience rope. Perhaps you’ve even been effectively divorced for years, more roommates than spouses: avoiding each other, avoiding intimacy, and avoiding dealing with the issues that challenge your marriage. Perhaps you’ve got a hole in your heart that was once filled with love but is now filled with food, alcohol, work, TV, volunteer work, drugs or even an affair. Perhaps the thought of divorce has become increasingly tempting. Whatever the present state or stage of your marriage may be, you were at once time blissfully happy and, deep down, you wish you still had that feeling.

Take heart: the water under the bridge may be a trickle or it may be a deluge but unless the bridge has completely collapsed, the opportunity to cross to the other side remains. That’s why Shela Dean created her trademarked program ReDate Your Mate.

Shela Dean is a nationally recognized Relationship Coach, Speaker and Amazon Bestselling author of Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to Total Intimacy, a guide for creating and sustaining emotional intimacy in committed relationships. In her work with couples, Shela found that partners often felt the need to start anew to find the relationship and personal fulfillment they crave. In response, Shela created the ReDate Your Mate program where couples learn the four steps to falling in love all over again:

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