ReDate Your Mate

What is ReDate Your Mate® Coaching?

Do you wonder what happened to the feelings you had when you were dating and falling in love? If so, you’re not alone. Few couples are prepared for the transition from the idealistic falling-in-love stage to the realistic being-in-love stage of a long-term relationship. Yet that transition happens to all couples and when it does, many begin to think they’re not the match made in heaven they once thought. In many ways, we’re the victims of our human nature—a nature that evolved to focus more on the negative than the positive as part of our survival instinct and that makes us behave in ways and for reasons we don’t understand. We too often live our lives on “automatic pilot,” acting and reacting without conscious thought, on a “flight pattern” based on untrue thoughts and false assumptions.

ReDate Your Mate® coaching is designed to help you become your best vision of You as the starting point and then to help you create the marriage of your dreams. You’ll discover how to:

Who among us hasn’t said, “If only I knew then what I know now, I’d do things differently.” You can’t roll back the clock. You can, however, start anew armed with what you know now. That’s what ReDating is all about—transforming your marriage by doing it better and wiser this time around.